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Refugees & Migrants

Today, record numbers of people worldwide are displaced from their homes – by conflict, and by the impacts of climate change and disaster. At the same time, we are being made fearful of people seeking asylum – by polarising leaders across the world. How can we better respond to the challenge of displacement?

UNSW has long been a home for pioneering research on refugees and migration. Our scholars have strong ties with affected communities, NGOs, international agencies, professional bodies, and policymakers. Our work in this field has had impact on a national and global scale.

Discover the thought-provoking ideas emerging from the Grand Challenge on Refugees and Migrants (July 2016 to June 2018), which leverages UNSW’s expertise to systematically inspire informed discussion, responses and policy.

The Grand Challenge on Refugees and Migrants was led by Scientia Professor Jane McAdam, who was succeeded by Professor Stephanie Hemelryk Donald in July 2017.

UNSW continues research in this area at the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, the UNSW Forced Migration Network, and the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program.

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