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Reshaping energy | User-Centred Energy Systems

25 October 2019
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Ainsworth Building (J17) | Room 202 | Kensington | NSW 2052
This event has ended

The population of our cities is growing by 1.5 million people per week. This rapid urbanisation propels an increase in energy consumption to heat, manufacture, move and cool people and things. At a time where there is an environmental imperative to lower global emissions, can a shift towards designing user-centred energy systems make cities more liveable and accommodate innovative energy use? What new models of planning and participation can afford more liveable and just energy futures?

Professor David Shipworth will address these question in his work as Professor at UCL Energy Institute and Chair of the User-Centred Energy Systems Technology Collaboration Programme by the International Energy Agency.

This talk is part of the Grand Challenge on Rapid Urbanisation.