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Sandersan Onie | Humanising mental health

Illustration of person silhouette with hands reaching out

Can you imagine what this world would be like if every person had the basic knowledge and practical skills to support each other through difficult times?

Sandersan Onie

Throughout lockdown, there has been a profound increase in people enduring tough times. It’s hard to find anyone who is not at all worried about their work, their family, their careers, or their finances. COVID-19 has changed our lives, many for the worse, but it also provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on mental health. Imagine a world where each of us knew how to listen, respond, and be present for each other during times of crisis. Where each person understands that emotional health is important and provides the necessary care for people close to them. How can we play an active role in making this happen?

Sandersan Onie is a post-doctoral fellow in suicide prevention with the Black Dog Institute. His current research aims to reduce suicide at known hotspots using machine learning. Dr Onie has been a passionate campaigner for mental health reform in Indonesia and is a strong advocate for open science. He was recognised for his leadership in this area as finalist in the inaugural Emerging Thought Leader Prize.

Twitter: @DrSandersanOnie

A UNSW Centre for Ideas and Grand Challenges program collaboration.

Illustrations designed by Juune Lee. Filmed and edited by Paper Moose. Footage filmed at the EPICentre, a UNSW research centre located at the Art & Design campus.