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Rob Brooks, Nikki Goldstein and Xanthe Mallet: Sex robots have no taboos

Sex robots have no taboos panel discussion

Sex robots are suddenly here, realistic-looking human-sized dolls that can provide both simulated intimacy and real physical gratification. What does this mean for sex, and what does it mean for relationships? If robots can deliver sex without feelings and intimacy without commitment, what happens to relationships? Will sex robots make sex safer for everybody, and particularly for vulnerable people, by satisfying unmet demand? Will child-like robots or robots with a ‘resistance’ setting only normalise sexual predation and paedophilia?

If you normalise violent behaviour and abuse with a bot, what's the impact for our everyday relationships, and wider society?

Xanthe Mallet



Chaired by Natasha Mitchell, journalist and presenter of ABC RN’s Science Friction.

This conversation is part of the UNSW Grand Challenge on Living with 21st Century Technology, and was recorded live on stage at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2018.