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Diana Bowman: Gene doping

Digital athlete

Precision gene editing is bringing us closer to the reality of designing select genetic traits into human embryos.

Given the high stakes involved in professional sport and the long history of state-sponsored doping programs, it’s likely some countries will soon begin experimenting with gene editing techniques like CRISPR to create super-athletes.

These athletes could be stronger, more powerful and have better cognitive ability than their peers.

Diana Bowman

In a future where embryonic gene-editing could have a profound influence on athletic performance, what are the potential risks to individuals and communities? With considerable personal, political and economic advantages to be gained, how can we prepare for the arrival of a generation of gene-edited athletes?

In this talk, Dr Diana Bowman asks whether there is an ethical and legally responsible path for gene-editing in sport.

This video was recorded live for the Grand Challenge on Living with 21st Century Technology and the PLuS Alliance.

About Diana Bowman
Diana M. Bowman is an Associate Professor in the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, at Arizona State University where she serves as the Associate Dean for International Engagement, and the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, where she serves as the Associate Director for Students. She is also a PluS Alliance Fellow (2016-2019) and team member of PlanetWorks in the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.

Her research analyzes and informs the development of smarter governance and regulation of innovation in order to simultaneously enhance creativity, improve public health, and stimulate deliberation of the ethical, legal, and societal dimensions of emerging technologies.

In this presentation Diana will discuss her work with Professor Andrew Maynard under the grant: The potential impact of human embryonic gene editing on global sports: Preparing for 2036, funded by ASU’s Global Sports Institute.