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The Art of Homelessness

Andres Serrano

Notoriously controversial American artist Andres Serrano talks with ABC journalist, Monique Schafter.

Homelessness in wealthy cities is such an extreme form of inequality that it is often easier to ignore it than show empathy. Yet in his latest exhibition, ‘The Art of the Homelessness’, photographic artist Andres Serrano’s makes it almost impossible for us to turn away from his giant portraits of homeless people in New York and Brussels. 

He’s incited this conflicting response in audience many times before with his photos of corpses, use of faeces and bodily fluids in artwork and, most notably, in his controversial photograph of a crucifix submerged in a glass container of what was said to be his own urine.

Watch him reveal his inspirations and motivation - presented by the UNSW Centre for Ideas and the Grand Challenge on Inequality.