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Amy Bestman | Equity: the final frontier

Abstract artwork with indigenous dot painting elements

We have the opportunity to support changes that will benefit those in the community who experience the most inequity.

Amy Bestman

Inequality and inequity are two important principles when we think about health. While some differences are inevitable, inequity is caused by avoidable differences, and these differences arise from the social conditions people are born into, work, or live in. COVID-19 has exposed grave inequalities and inequities within our society and has given us the opportunity to have important conversations around how specific groups experience disadvantage. When writing policy for public health and welfare, what changes can be made to improve the health and well being for everyone in our community?

Amy Bestman is a Research Fellow, in the Injury Division at The George Institute for Global Health and conjoint lecturer at UNSW Medicine. She works in the research areas of public health, injury prevention and gambling harm prevention – making contributions to research, practice and policy. Bestman is passionate about addressing inequity experienced by disadvantaged communities.

A UNSW Centre for Ideas and Grand Challenges program collaboration.

Illustration designed by Tiarna Herczeg. Filmed and edited by Paper Moose. Footage filmed at the EPICentre, a UNSW research centre located at the Art & Design campus.